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Why I Kicked out Lilian; she added no value, walked naked in the house squarting to maintain hips and curves



Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli had a Christmas from hell after she broke up with her tycoon baby daddy, Jared Nevaton

On Christmas eve, Lilian took to Instagram where she declared herself single again claiming that Jared is a liar, manipulator and community husband.

“Holidays folks. I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say “I would rather die” than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real.“Stay woke. I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. People ask why put your stuff out there?

Well it’s because next time you see Mr Community husband don’t give him the credit of saying that’s Lillian’s man.” her post read.

Mr. Jared a businessman who also doubles as patron of Kisii based Football Club Shabana FC has allegedly hit back describing Lilian as a jealous woman who could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in the house. “She was always on my phone. Wanted to know everything. She was just simply jealous and that couldn’t work between us.

“She could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in our house, she was concerned more of her looks than the welfare of the kids, spent hours on the gym squarting to sustain curvee, She also had multiple close friends who misadvised her every step of our relationship, I could not continue being micro managed.” Jared was quoted by friends.

“My ex-wife was very jealous. Other than walking in the house naked, Lilian adds completely zero to the table, she is concerned more on her looks than our kids” Mr. Ombogi quipped.

— Rein (@Asamoh_) December 25, 2018

The couple met in 2014 after Lilian’s marriage with Moses Kanene was on the rocks and have been dating since.In June 2018 they were blessed with a baby boy called Liam with the pregnancy highly publicized. In November, they both graced a fundraiser for Shabana FC graced by DP William where they jointly donated Sh200, 000 for the struggling outfit.

Meanwhile Caroline Gikush is wondering what exactly do men want;

Lakini wanaume mnatakaga aje?
You tell a woman that she has the sexiest of bodies (and Fosho she has) and how it twerks your reproductive system.
In an attempt to quench the lust in your hyena eyes, girl decides to keep it nude in the confinement of your abode.
You soon get fed up with the sexy package and start eyeing the community…. ????

But the worst is where you come and give us details of the naked walks. Guy, if you are giving an account of your pleasure moments, give it in full.. Attach figures and diagrams.

A lesson to us ladies, no matter how sexy you are, these members of the opposite gender will always get fed up with the good shape and cheat on you with a Roto Tank.

If you can enlarge your brains and your territories, please do.

Don’t spend all your youthfulness working on your hips and bust. Their huge effects on him are short lived.
Enlarge your name. Enlarge your life. Enlarge your future. Enlarge your territories. Enlarge your legacy.
If he stays he stays.

If he goes Adios, Byeee, Kwaheri.

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