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Why intimidated and disrespected teachers can’t “nurture your kids’ talent.”



By Wandia njoya via fb
This is what parents are celebrating. Like the doctors, I wonder how parents think that intimidated and disrespected teachers can “nurture their kids’ talent.”

You cant force teachers to care. You have to care for teachers for them to care for your kids.
Just so you parents know, we teachers are not stupid. We actually read, and we actually create. My department teaches a hip hop class to teacher trainees because we want our teachers to be able to understand what kids they teach listen to and how young people think and create. I have taught on social media, tena to Canadian students, without having done a degree in it.

So we teachers are not as stupid as you think we are. Our problem is baba serikali in our faces all the time. If you want good teachers, tell the government to back off and let us do what we were taught to do. Let GoK just have teacher development programs and resource centers.

KICD is clueless about the latest education research, but somehow you think they are more credible about “talent” and the digital era. If they know so much, why cant they respond to our questions?

If you think we teachers are so stupid that we cant teach up to up to date and local material without getting it from Nairobi, from old folk who havent read anything new in a long time, then you are terrible parents. Because why put your kids in the hands of monsters like us?

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