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Why Jubilee will sink before elections and what awaits the central rebels



When a man, as circumcised as Moses Kuria leaves his house sprinting while screaming and sweating profusely, you will be an imbecile, the lowest ranking in the hierachy of stupidity, to believe that there is nothing very grevious, happening inside that house, even if the Kuria is followed out by men who convince him to get back inside the house

There must be something or some condition, very threatening inside the hut

The heat and the smoke inside that hut called Jubilee is becoming intolerable by the day and that why you see Murathe and Kuria gush out with the velocity of water oozing from of a punctured tractor’s rear tyre

By the time elections will be approaching, the party will be nothing but a sunken debris in the seabed especially in Central and the much votes that will go it’s way,may be an equivalent or slightly lesser than what Raila got from the rift, courtesy of Megerer Lang’at, Henry Kosgey, Prof Kamar and Franklin Bett

The mentioned MPs declined to jump into the tribal boat and move with the region to URP. They couldn’t remain alive in the shark infested waters and they were made a meal in the elections. That could be the eventuality of Ndindi Nyoro, Kimani Ichungwa and Kimani Ngunjiri etc

It is also possible that Kuria was high on his staple meal, sisal juice when he did the resignation letter but someone offered him milk before he delivered it, informing his decision to rescind his mind

Remember, Moses Kuria hasn’t really lost anything, because Robert Greene of the 48 laws of power advises that one should always seek attention because any form of publicity is advantageous in power games

At least the nation is discussing him

From the other side, the URP wing of Jubilee are now shouting for help, that the nation should come out, and help them hunt down a marauding hyena, called dynasties, which is threatening to eat them

When the nation armed itself to hunt for this beast, URP gave it refuge by hidding it inside their house and now that it is attacking her host, for a meal and the host is asking for help, does he honestly expect the host to join in

The others can only afford to watch as the vita vya wenyewe kwa wenyewe unfold in Jubilee

Ama namna gani Wangwana?

Great evening my fellow Southerners!!

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