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Why Kenyans are united in questioning DP Ruto’s PhD, bought or earned?



RE: The Universal Doubts over William Ruto’s PhD in Plant Ecology.

By Dorcas Sarkozy

The skepticism over the legitimacy, viability and veracity of William S. Ruto’s PhD in Plant Ecology was inevitable.

Why do I say that?

One word: Globalization.

Not the “globalization” we all talk about re: the world economy.

The “globalization” I am referring to is as used when one is assessing a system – in this case Kenya’s educational system.

Add to the suspicion most have over Baby Abby’s PhD, Kenya’s reputation on matters of official corruption at the highest level of its government and one begins to see why there is widespread doubt over the man’s Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Ecology.

And the coup d’grace (or is it piece de resistance?) on whether William Ruto satisfied the requirements set forth by the University of Nairobi’s doctoral program – Department of Ecology?

The national consensus that this man William Ruto, along with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta (yes I went there) embody the worst in personal and professional ethics and ethos related to patience and hard work in pursuit of an end – any end – and it becomes very obvious to all why Kenyans are united in questioning the authenticity and veracity of the work that went into satisfying the requirements of William Samoei Ruto’s PhD.

FACT: Any output from a corrupt and rotten system – claimed by a corrupt and rotten person – will always be looked at askance regardless of how authentic and/or viable the output is.

Corrupt and Rotten Input = Corrupt and Rotten Output.

Kenyans have “globalized” the country’s corrupt and rotten educational system onto an equally corrupt and rotten man’s “hard work” and the result is widespread skepticism.

Yes, its that simple, we nolonger trust anything not even an institute of higher learning.

Meanwhile i came across this post that was shared by Muthui Mkenya;

“UoN’s faculties of humanities and social science and health sciences conduct #UONGraduation on the first Friday of every December. However, this time round, the date was pushed to the last Friday before Christmas to align with #DrWilliamRuto’s milestones.. Married, has Birthday ? and graduation ? on 21st Dec….. Shameful!!!!”

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