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Willy Paul, listen up! Manolo explains why gospel artistes get mocked and trolled




Gospel artiste Manolo has opened up about how he has learnt to accommodate people of different faith.

In an interview with, he goes ahead to state when he got saved and how his general high school experience was like.

Manolo said it was not a walk in the park as his pals ridiculed him.

He states:

“‘umejizeesha haraka,you are too serious for life relax…’ they would tell me. But I want to inspire people, even when you are as young as 17, you can get your life straight.”

In 2009, when he was just 14 years old, he got saved stating “it has not always been an easy journey” as he started off young and didn’t know much.

Now that he is turning 24, he confesses that he at one time went astray. But he got back on track and ever since he has tried to distinguish his way through life in Christ.


Manolo also addressed the number of times, gospel artistes have been mocked and trolled online for their way of life.

“I think the reason why people get mocked because of their Christianity, is because they try and make it look like it’s a cult or brand.”

He states he never faced mockery or rejection in high school as he didn’t make it the first thing people knew about him;

“Probably once, but I didn’t face rejection in high school, as I didn’t force it down people’s throats ‘I’m a Christian’ was not the first thing I let people know about me. I used to make Christianity look so cool”

However, the only way people would know is through talking about real life issues. He goes ahead to advice the youth, not to force their religion on people, to keep the faith in their heart and just be students.

Manolo is currently promoting his latest solo release titled, One by One.

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