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Willy Paul to host masquerade party



Willy Paul is back at it again. This time, the gospel artiste who has left many gospel fans divided as to whether his music can still qualify to be clasified as gospel has decided to host a party at a popular Westlands club, Wakanda.

Say what you will but he has a knack for keeping his name in the headlines and this time it’s no different. Whether or not you agree with gospel artistes going out to places of debauchery you have to admit that as a money move, it is sound. Or is it?

You see, gospel artistes have their revenue streams directly controlled by what church elders and leaders say. Should a pastor take to the pulpit to renounce you and your work, this could spell doom for you as a gospel artiste.

So what if anything is the benefit of Willy Paul hosting a masquerade ball? Well, he can collect the appearance fees and then hope that his club performance allows him to convert 10 people on the wall about his music into ardent fans.

What he stands to lose is rather phenomenal though. He, as a gospel artiste, depends on getting Christian sanctioned gigs. He performs in churches and high schools at the behest of the C.U (Christian Union). So if they refuse to host him for gigs, wouldn’t he have -in effect- castrated his own career?

Somehow, I do not think so. I think this is simply another day in the life of Willy Paul. He has created a brand as a gospel artiste where the rules that constrain his peers do not hold sway over him.

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