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Bomet levies boda boda riders in bid to boost revenue



Bomet county has begun taxing boda boda riders to raise revenues.

Governor Joyce Laboso said the decision was made after a series of meetings with the riders over the past four months. They will pay Sh50 daily or Sh150 per month.

In 2013, her predecessor Isaac Rutto exempted the group, noting it was insensible to charge small-scale traders. But Laboso said her administration is keen to spur economic growth. She said Bomet was the only county where the riders were not being taxed, and that had hurt revenue collection and their economy.

“We have to pay taxes. The revenue we collect goes a long way in improving services to you. That’s why we want you to pay,” she told the riders. “In the budget recently read, there is a shortfall. For us to bridge that gap, we have to increase our revenue sources.”


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