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Brown Mauzo breaks down talking about his depression



Brown Mauzo is one of the few bongo sensations from the coast who made it to the top with his amazing voice and of course the lyrics where he talks a lot about love.

Last week, a video went viral of Brown looking helpless, being carried out of an ambulance and placed onto a  wheelchair and from then, rumours started doing rounds that he tried to commit suicide.

A few weeks before that video, he exclusively spoke to KISS100 saying that his relationship with his long term girlfriend ended on the 31st of December, 2018.

This was the reason why Brown Mauzo has not been okay.

In life, everyone goes through a lot and there is no hero when it comes to love. It came a time when she just started acting weird just when I released my new video, Kizunguzungu. and so (he breaks down)

Brown Mauzo
Brown Mauzo

He continued saying that it hurts,

I wasn’t okay because it hurts me every time I remember this situation. Can we just talk about something else?

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He was then asked to comment on the rumors that he was trying to commit suicide saying:

I can’t do that, it was just a heart attack, I really do not want to talk about this. I can’t talk about it now because the wound still hurts. Just know no one is a hero when it comes to love and I’ve come to believe that because we have come from far. I did not understand why she left because even in the past we always do something on the 31st because it’s my birthday, but on this specific one, she was not in the mood and I kept asking what is the matter.

We do hope Brown Mauzo will be feeling better within no time so that he can get back to making his female fans happy.

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