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Catholic bishops oppose use of contraceptives by teenagers



Catholic bishops oppose use of contraceptives by teenagers

Catholic bishops have opposed a proposal to have teenagers use contraceptives to prevent early pregnancies instead have called for morality be upheld in the society.
The bishops have further opposed the debate on legalizing abortion.
Through the Kenya conference of catholic bishops, the church heads have defined the early pregnancies as a form of child abuse that should be dealt within the law.

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“Right of people does not include destruction of other forms of life. We urge the government to wipe out commercials advocating for freedom of choice,” KCCB chairman Philip Anyolo said on Tuesday.

The bishops argue that use of contraceptives exposes the young ones to long term side effects that could mean I’ll to their reproductive health. “Agreeing to provide contraceptives only means we have given a go ahead to teenagers to engage in sex which is against the law,” Anyolo said.

The bishops further took on the government over the recently gazetted maize prices citing the price was too low.

The government last week announced it will be purchasing a 90 KG bag of maize from farmers at sh 2300 from Sh 3000 in the last harvest season.

They have further asked the government to fasten the war on corrupt leaders.

We want to applaud government agencies in the crackdown against corrupt individuals and urge this agencies to freeze and recover assets after prosecution of corrupt individuals and lifestyle audits be conducted to all leaders and public officers,”

The leaders have also drummed support for an audit on the 2010 constitution to inform on recommendation if we need a referendum.
“Referendum should be delinked from 2022 politics or presidency succession,” the Kccb chair said.

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