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Chief among 22 arrested over recent ethnic clashes in Narok



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A chief is mong 22 suspects whom police in Narok County are holding in connection to the planning and coordinating of last weekend’s ethnic violence in Narok South that left one person dead, 15 injured and over 25 houses torched.

County Commissioner George Natembeya said 18 of the suspects were arrested in Kapkolo where they are believed to have been planning to commit a felony.

“We have 22 suspects among them Ereteti Chief Jacob Kiok [arrested] in relation to the skirmishes that were experienced in Narok South,” said Mr Natembeya.

Mr Natembeya said the chief was arrested by police while coordinating the fight between two communities and is also accused of using a government motorcycle to ferry victims of violence from his community.

He added that the chief had also been mentioned in relation to the September clashes that left four people dead but was not arrested as the police lacked enough evidence to nail him.

“The administrator was arrested red handed taking sides in the fights. As a government official he is supposed to be impartial and to assist the government in peace restoration but he chose to be biased,” added Mr Natembeya.

The county commissioner said the suspects will be arraigned to face charges of arson and intention to commit a felony once police conclude investigations.

Mr Natembeya revealed that peace is slowly returning in the affected areas of Ololoipang’i, Oloruasi and Nkoben after over 200 security personnel were deployed there.

Among those being investigated include other government officials in the Interior ministry after one police officer who is reported to have been on leave was shot and injured with an arrow in the violence.

“We are investigating the possibility of some police officers on leave participating in coordinating violence. We understand one police officer was injured during the fight and he is receiving treatment in an unknown hideout and is yet to report the incident as required by law, “said Mr Natembeya.