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Close Jumia online shopping platform , its exploiting Kenyans: KOT



A customers to jumia online shopping platform has complained over the past days over what she calls day time robbery by the online market providers.
“Hi help me get this sory sorted. How many here are having a bad expirnce with Jumia online shopping? I ordered a 16k phone it was delivered on 9th it worked for a day and it started rebooting. I called them they picke it up after 2Days until now no refund no phn just a lot of stupid emails that they will deliver today it’s been 3weeks of disappointments and waiting. You call them but if your product is already paid for they never connect to an agent. But if you try ordering hapo wanakupeleka direct kwa sales agents. They keep asking for Oder number I keep giving but my phone still hasn’t reached me.Jumia why are you mistreating your customers? FYI Oder from them at your own risk especially electronics I wish I knew nkt.”

Kenyans have expressed their disguise with the known platform too terming it as inconveniencing customers .

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