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Are some of the key parastatal and independent commission’s chief conniving to defeat the war on corruption? Some have crafted suspicious internal policies that block their staff from sharing any information about the organization. Corridors has learnt the bosses are forcing their employers to take an oath of secrecy with consequences of summary dismissal to those who defy aimed to defeat president Uhuru Kenyatta‘s call and laws on whistleblowing on underhand dealing within the agencies. Is this not a matter of sabotage?


Two Rift Valley MPs are a talk of the town. The two legislators allied to a senior government boss known not to be men of means all over a sudden are riding high. As a show of their cash power, the two acquired a parcel of prime land on the outskirts of the city and paid out Sh60 million with each contributing Sh30 million. As opposed to bank transfers, the two ferried the hard cash to the landowner raising eyebrows and questions as to the source of the cash. Have the two opted for property markets as a conduit to clean and hide dirty money?


Who paid for an advert calling for applications for Managing Director position in ones of the state agencies that ran in major dailies weeks ago and later cancelled? Corridors has learnt that the line cabinet secretary fall out with the current MD as he didn’t come from the same clans and wanted one of their own to be the next MD. The CS decided to declare the position vacant by asking his clansman he wanted to succeed to draft the advert and take it to the newspaper where he paid in cash. Only to be withdrawn after the state agency’s board protested as they had not sanctioned asking DCI to probe the matter.


Is it a matter of talking from both sides of the mouth or just being ironical. This is the situation that is facing Ford Kenya after its Trans Nzoia MPs start a push to have its deputy party leader Bonny Khalwale kicked out of the party. Interestingly, its party leader and party top brass has been claiming that the party wants to shake off the Bukusu identity and that they are for purging out dynasties in Kenyan politics. However, they push to have Khalwale out and his position taken over by someone from Trans Nzoia speaks to the contrary.

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