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Did ODM leader Raila Odinga snub a request by a Member of Parliament to accompany him to Nigeria? Well, Corridors of Power is informed that a first-time MP from Kisumu county really wanted to accompany Raila on the private trip to Abuja before he was told off by a member of the former Prime Minister’s staff. Just why do some MPs like hanging on the ex-PM’s coattails even when not invited to some trips? Is it all about looking so close to the PM for political reasons and not advancing the public good? True, it would appear if the maneuvers by some of them is anything to go by.


A seasoned politician from central Kenya who ran for a parliamentary seat in Kiambu county but lost has sent tongues wagging about his next move after hosting some elected leaders from the county for a party at a hotel along Thika Road. Could he be plotting to run against governor Ferdinand Waititu in 2022? Well, most of his friends claim he is up to something big although he has not mentioned to anyone his political moves. After throwing a huge party last weekend, and reportedly dishing out some ‘Christmas token’ to the politicians who attended the meeting, the politician could be the next big thing for Kiambu given his deep pockets and extensive networks in the circles of power.


A well laid out plan by a Jubilee politician to plant moles within the intelligence networks is being dismantled. We are told that the man had put a number of people on his payroll so they could pass sensitive information to him. His associates have now been exposed and are facing disciplinary action one by one – and quietly.


Are they the newest toll stations in a rush to catch up with what their counterparts in the traffic department of the Kenya Police have been doing for ages? This is the question many motorists on Magadi Road are grappling with as a group of apparently excited Administration Police officers ran amok on them. The officers who are on the road every day in a group are not controlling traffic or easing the traffic flow but busy harassing motorists on flimsy grounds. “They are here daily not to make it easy for us but to harass us and make us vulnerable to part with something. Interestingly, led by a plump woman officer, they ask weird questions and waste time for those that they stop,” a motorist said, calling on top police command to save them from the greedy officers.


Still on matters police, traffic officers manning the busy Juja Road are in a class of their own. The devoted officers, despite the heavy traffic snarl up along the road, have devised better strategies to ease traffic flow. In what has made the officers, numbering about ten, win the hearts of most motorists, they sit every afternoon when traffic eases to plan and review their strategies to make improvements where need be. For instance, the officers position themselves along the road at strategic points with their boss at a central command point issuing instructions. One of his best strategies that has worked a great deal is allowing motorists from one side to drive along for some minutes while using a dual lane before closing in and releasing the others. This has really reduced gridlocks along the road while at the same time easing up Thika Superhighway.


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