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Who will help residents of Rabuor in Nyando sub-county, Kisumu County from deafening loud music from a popular pub whose owner claims high connections and is not bothered about pleas from residents who have to contend with the nuisance every night? The businessman is said to be so powerful that even local authorities including police avoid his premises whenever they carry out occasional swoops on bars operating beyond the allowed time. Residents now want Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett and National Environment Management Authority Geoffrey Wahungu to come to their aid before their hearing is impaired.


A constituency in Kakamega county with a first-time MP is in limbo after a consultant whose qualifications are in doubt was hired to do the strategic plan. The ANC MP is reported to be in panic mode because the CDF committee paid the quack consultant Sh2.5 million but he has been unable to deliver the document seven months down the line despite promising to deliver the document within a month. The first draft which is full of factual errors is ma copy-and-paste from another document. Now some constituents are crying foul and want the DCI and EACC to establish how the tender was awarded and the qualifications of the consultant.


Two women, a former MP from central Kenya and a secretary to a Cabinet Secretary, are at loggerheads. The two are involved in a love triangle and are both fighting to get the attention of an acting MD in one of the parastatals in the transport ministry. Those in the know say the women have caused a stir at the MD’s office but after their frequent meetings raised eyebrows, they stopped going to the MD’s office. It is said they are working to outdo each other to win tenders from the randy MD who is currently spoilt for choice.


Is Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett aware that cartels in the PSV business have come back? The cartels operating around PSV stages are now openly doing their work despite tough talk from authorities. What Kenyans are asking is why it is not possible to form a serious undercover force to rid the transport sector of the cartels that dispense so much misery on matatu owners and commuters alike. Over to you Bwana Boinett.

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