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Dr Kingori shoots shot at Chantal after Eric Omondi’s heartbreak



Dr Kingori is a savage from the dark ages.

He has gone in on his pal, Eric Omondi by trolling him about his split with Italian beauty, Chantal Grizioli.

Eric and Chantal broke up because as you all know, long distance relationships never work.

Eric Omondi and Chantal

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Also, Chantal couldn’t get gainful employment here in Kenya. It also did not help, that, the process of getting a work permit is drama personified.

As usual, Dr Kingori posted a stunning photo of Chantal with the caption,

“Guys, is it too soon?”

The post was a subtle hint that he would like to shoot his shot now that Chantal is single.

Eric OmondiFellow comedians like Chipukeezy, Antonio the MC among others found the post hilarious.

Eric Omondi is yet to react to this obvious diss. And blatant disregard for his aching heart after the very public split.

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Read the rest of the comments that cracked our ribs.

jaspermurume: Shida ni hiyo hiyo distance. Tushapiga hii hesabu

mulamwah: Ata umechelewa . Ni mimi nilimpiga hii picha ??

jamal_njuguna: Walai Wewe @dr_kingori wewe ni Beast ???..Nyinyi ni wale wasee waa “Mhh! Wataachana Tu”..Alafu D.M Faster ??

official_afuya: ???? Very early to shake this table

osorosoro: Hii sio ubro ??

inanga_van_mose: @dr_kingori acha kucheka kwa mazishi.

_omarion__: @dr_kingori u were third party in their relationship ?

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