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Eric Omondi narrates how ‘I was the third one to get shot!’ #RiversideAttack



Comedian Eric Omondi was one of the Kenyans who narrowly escaped death after the senseless terror attack at DusitD2 in 14 Riverside.

The funny man thanks the Lord after bullets that were aimed at him missed by the skin of his teethe.

Speaking to the Star Eric said he had just picked a parcel at Red House office at Hanover building when the terrorists started shooting aimlessly.

He said two students were shot right in front of him at the main entrance.

One was shot on the shoulder while the other was shot on the leg.

“I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped the bullet. It is just God,” he said.

Terrorist bullet reached Consolata School on Riverside

Dusit Riverside attackApart from Eric, a woman working in a neighbouring building told Reuters news agency: “I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.”

As hundreds of people scampered for safety from the eight buildings, the gunmen started shooting indiscriminately as police officers rushed to the scene.

High end vehicles that had been packed at the facility was brought down by inferno, triggered by the explosion

But as things crystallised, tens of Kenya lay dead: another bloodbath in the city.

Terrified survivors, some with bullets wounds were being evacuated and rushed to various hospitals in the city as two Kenya Defence Forces choppers were hovering around.

Hundreds of uniformed and plain clothe officers, armed to the teeth took cover on the ground.

Tom Mutinda, an employee of RedHouse. said he was in the office when the explosions and gunshots started.

But as they were trying to escape, the terrorists fired several bullets at their window.

“They were many and they and fired at the same time. They exploded cars that were queuing for security checks before shooting security officers and those who were at the entrance,” he recalled.

A timeline of how Al Shabaab carried out attack at Dusit in Riverside

Dusit Riverside attackMore than 20 ambulances with blaring sirens from different hospitals and humanitarian organisations were on standby to rush those those rescued to hospital.

The anguish on the eyes of survivors told it all some too traumatized to speak

As they left the buildings with armed police officers in tow, many still carried their hands in surrender still unsure about their safety.

At around 4.30 pm, Recce squad security officers advanced into the hotel to try and neutralise the attackers. It this elite team that neutralised the terrorists at the Garissa University where hundreds of students were butchered by the militants.

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