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Eudoxie Yao prides herself in having the biggest assets rivaling Vera Sidika



The size of her assets has been described as sooooo humongous, the sight of it “would make your eyes pop out”.

When I read that description, I was like, “Nah! It cannot be true.” A true skeptic. As you are now.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your eyes pop out at the size of this socialites’ derriere. It is bigger than that of Vera Sidika and Kim Kardashian combined. I kid you NOT!

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The owner of this Guinness Book Of World Record-worthy derriere is Eudoxie Yao from Ivory Coast.

Pundits who have seen their share of derrieres swear that Eudoxie Yao’s assets are the biggest in the entire African continent. So, all hail this well endowed mama.

Eudoxie Yao says she uses her God given assets to promote products, sell events and photos.

Here are her photos. Behold…

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