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Getting married to a “Mzungu” is challenging Says Singer Nyota Ndogo



The swahili singer revealed that getting married to mzungu is a challenge because people expect her to help then whenever they need help.

The Songstress revealed that the important thing in any marriage is understanding each other’s weaknesses.
The Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo is married to a mzungu hubby.

“We are still trying to adjust to each other’s culture. The challenging part is also being married to a mzungu. Many always expect me to help whenever they ask for help and if I don’t, they speak ill of me,” Nyota said.

She said she is in good terms with her husband’s ex-wife and they talk. Nyota, who was accused of stealing someone’s hubby, denied this.

“I didn’t steal anyone’s husband. He was divorced. His ex and I talk and their children are even planning to visit me soon in Kenya,” she said.

When asked if she was going to have a child with her husband, she said: “God-willing we might. We are still discussing it but also age is catching up. It’s not something that will stress me because I’m not barren and neither is he. We have children from our previous relationships and we’re okay with that.”

The singer has been keeping a low profile musically, and many have been speculating that she called it quits.

“I have been busy constructing rentals and it needed my full attention, that’s why I’ve been away,” Nyota said.

“This year I am going to release quite a number of songs, and I hope my fans will continue supporting me.

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