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Gospel musician Willy Paul survives Riverside bomb attack – Nairobi News



Gospel singer Willy Paul on Tuesday survived the bomb attack at Dusit 2 Hotel located on Riverside Drive in Chiromo.

Willy Paul was attending a meeting at the hotel when a loud explosion followed by gunfire rent the air.

The attack happened sometime at 3:15pm.

First it was a loud bang, possibly a bomb before gun shots rented the air. The attack happened on 14 Riverside, the compound that houses Dusit 2 hotel and the Commission on Revenue Allocation offices.

The musician took to social media to explain his narrow escape from the hotel.

“Today, I’ve seen how much God loves me!! He’s given me another chance to live. I hope everyone survived the attack at dusit.. I’ve never come across such a thing in my life!!! People have been injured and some have lost their lives!! The police should dig deep into this issue because the kind of weapons that were used a few minutes back are not usual,” said Willy Paul.

He continued: “Someone somewhere is supplying this people with this weapons. While in my meeting the fast thing I had was a blast from a very powerful explosive, the second thing that followed were gun shots. I can’t believe I’m here typing, I just survived this horrific incident. Thank you Lord. I will never get tired of thanking you and serving under you!”