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‘I bit Phil when he was trying to calm me down’ Kate Actress narrates her delivery day




Finally Kate Actress has served social media in-laws with information about the day she gave birth to her blessing, Baby K.

She asked her fans to send her questions that she promised to answer on her YouTube channel as she makes a comeback. She went missing for a few months to concentrate on motherhood.

“The journey has been amazing. Nothing to what I thought it would be because I do not remember anything from 13 years ago when I got my firstborn. ” She started

Kate then went straight ahead to explain how it all went from the time her water broke to delivery.

“15th of December at 11 am which was on a Sunday. The day before we went out for dinner me, Judy, Abel and Phil and I was craving Chinese or Japanese. (It was expensive Phill shouted). I had expensive cravings. That night I was feeling funny lying on the couch but we went to bed anyway. At around 4 am my water broke I woke Phill up and told him babe the baby coming. Let me tell you I saw a Maasai like man jump up and down and he doesn’t sleep with clothes on(she laughed). We got ready and I called Faith my best friend and in 1o minutes she was there. We took our time I even had eggs for breakfast. We got there and they told me I am okay so now we wait.


I was in no pain then. Just those TV kinds of labor and Phil was there to rub my back. My friend, I told them I wanted an epidural I did not want the pain and the doctor told me he will see if he will administer it. Kumbe these guys had colluded with the doctor not to administer it since my labor was fast and all they kept saying is the doctor is coming and the pain was excruciating. They then speeded up my labor and by that time the doctor had left saying he’ll be back but my labor was fast so they had to call him back.” She narrated

The pain was too much for Kate Actress and she remembered the Youtube videos she watched before the d-day. There are videos mothers are told to pounce on the big balls to reduce the pain but that didn’t work for her, it made it worse and she now had a phobia for them.


A few minutes later, Baby K came and I was blessed. Before I forget I bit Phill as he was trying those movie moves holding my face to calm me down. The baby journey has been okay and today I will reveal her name. It is Baby Karla Njeri Karanja.

Remember a few weeks after giving birth everyone was like how did she manage to snap back so fast. She was out here slaying in high waist pants and glowing.

“I am not the first mother to snap back. It happens. As you breastfeed you eat a lot and there is no time to gym. I got belts and wore them on the second week after giving birth. It is a three in one and it helps hold the meat. Make sure you are comfortable, take your time there is no rush.” Kate revealed

Too cute! Kate Actress shows off her all grown up daughter (PHOTO)

Kate Actress concluded by mentioning that juggling between the two children has not been easy but she gives thanks to her husband Phil who has been very supportive. Adding that many new mums are not doing okay but with the support and love from friends, family and partners, all will be well.

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