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‘I was arrested and almost fed urine,’ Churchill’s MCA Tricky narrates



Mammito and McAtricky. Photo credit: Instagram/Mcatricky

Churchill Comedian MCA Tricky has opened up about how traumatizing it was after he was arrested and thrown into a police jail.

The comedian narrated how he has arrested on different occasions.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho Tricky said,

I have been arrested on so many occasions but I have never really been officially sent to prison.

Most of the times I am arrested over petty mistakes but they always exaggerate the charges.

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Mca tricky

Tricky goes on to narrate that at some point he was almost fed human urine a trend that is very common in police cells.

Being in a cell is no joke. There is a thermos that is in the cells because nowadays people who are arrested are allowed food and drinks from their loved ones.

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MCA Tricky adds,

When the cell mates are done drinking their tea they urinate into the thermos and pretend it is coffee.

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MCA Tricky continued,

So when a new person is brought to the cell they pretend its coffee. I was almost served that.

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