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‘It was not worth living anymore,’ Sean Andrew opens up



Suicide is on the raise among the youth.

That is why social media influencer Sean Andrew is starting the conversation is a bid to help anyone who is depressed and feeling like there is no hope in this life.

In a very revealing post, Sean confessed:

“I’ve been in such a situation where I felt as if it wasn’t worth living anymore and I was so alone… No one deserves to feel what I felt… We can make a difference.”

Beside Sean Andrew, there are other celebrities who have spoken about depression and attempting suicide.

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TV host Grace Ekirapa revealed that when she was in Form 3, she took 35 pills and blacked out. She woke up and found herself in a bed in school thinking she had woken up in heaven.

“I believe that depression has a cure its nothing that cannot be dealt with but suicide is also tied to depression so for us to stop suicide we have to deal with depression. I am talking from experience because a lot of people don’t know this but when I was in class eight many years ago I tried committing suicide I took 18 pills I was on some antibiotics and at one time I got to a point and I said I’m going to take them all the medicine I had. Form three again I decided I’m going to do the same and I took 35 pills this time because 18 didn’t kill me so 35 will

South African rapper HHP is suspected to have taken his own life. His body was discovered in his bedroom by the housemaid. The Sowetan states that in HHP’s last few hours he had spoken of how he was “losing it”.

“I’m depressed. I’m going out of control. I’m losing it,” he apparently said before taking his last bow.

Comedian Oga Obina revealed:

I’ve thought about committing suicide 3 times before when I was suffering. But i didn’t.

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He continued, “What am I saying??
I try to do better nowdays/be better/treat people with respect and kindness because you never know that waiter/watchman/streetboy you are treating badly will be tomorrow.
I’ve been down,I’ve been up its never nobody’s liking to beg or to suffer its mostly the situation. I’m nowdays the first one to understand when someone asks for help.
(Most people who know me well will tell you the kind of human being I am)
I try to make people around me better. Encourage and support them. I try to take better care of my family.
And guess what?
It’s not my power!! It’s GOD!! You donno your tomorrow only God knows. Just Work Harder,Smarter be persistent and never loose hope. Tomorrow will be better. Your condition is not permanent. If God raised me..why not You?? And if he raised you why not be a blessing?
Trust the PROCESS!! Pray and DON’T LOOSE HOPE!!”

Youtuber Bobby famed for his East Meets West series went through depression last year and now he is an advocate against giving up on life.

He now tries as much as possible to use the platform he has to talk to the youth and help them overcome problems.

Last year I couldn’t finish my studies and I was depressed, almost committing suicide. I just know that God is good.

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