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‘It’s all about changing our mindset as Kenyans’ DJ Xclusive on Kenyan music debate



DJ Xclusive is about to make your 2019 a lit year. He is planning a tour dubbed The People’s Tour 2019 and he’s bringing nothing but fresh vibes to a town near you.

Speaking to Kiss 100. Xclusive brought us up to speed on what the tour is all about and who exactly he is targeting.

DJ Xclusive

He stated that in as much as he has deejayed in a number of towns, there are other places he would love to go and give his fans a show-stopping performance.

“The People’s tour is basically me going to towns that I’ve never deejayed. I’ve deejayed in Mombasa, Nakuru but there are towns that I have not deejayed. I have been getting messages on social media, with people asking when I’ll visit or do my show. So I thought it is only right if I take myself to the people. So I’m planning on doing 12 towns from each region.”

DJ Xclusive

When asked if the tour will be a one man show, he said that he will be taking along some DJs and artistes who are his friends.

“I’m going to have my friends over and I’m also going to have some upcoming DJs coz like right now I have been working with DJ Sean, the there’s DJ Twin who was the first runner’s up at the Smirnoff Battle of the Beats. So I’m going to have three upcoming DJs and maybe three of my artiste friends Like Naiboi, Arrowboy coz like for Naiboi it would be an opportunity for him to go to Kisii, a place he has never been to.”

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Well, the debate on Kenyan music not being played enough is still ongoing and many people have come out to give their two cents on the whole saga.

DJ Xclusive

Xclusive states that we need to change our mindset on a lot of things, not only when it comes to music.

“We need to do more because it doesn’t start with radio presenters or Djs. It starts with Kenyans themselves, we are a peculiar nation, whereby we soak up a lot from the outside. It’s not only music, whether I’m talking about maize and how we import maize from outside or even sugar. We are letting our sugar industry down. Even in terms of clothes, someone would rather wear a fake Gucci from China than promote someone who is selling some authentic jackets here in the country. So it’s all about changing our mindset as Kenyans.”

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