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It’s not yet Madaraka for women: EMBRACE calls for end to femicide



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According to a Global Study report on homicide, one in five homicides globally is perpetrated by an intimate partner or family member. Of these deaths, most of the victims are women and girls.

As part of its agenda to ensure that women’s issues are represented and addressed, EMBRACE has organised a vigil to commemorate the young Kenyan women who have been victims of Gender Based Violence.

Since the year begun, more than 40 young women have lost their lives as a result of Gender Based Violence (GBV). The victims include Fiona Kasayu-Eldoret, Beryl Adhiambo Ouma-Nairobi, Damaris Njeri-Kirinyaga, Ivy Wangechi-Eldoret, among others.

This has drawn the attention of EMBRACE along with many other organisations like FIDA, UN Women, UNFPA and University of Nairobi Women Student Association (WOSWA).

EMBRACE is a platform for Kenyan women whose overall goal is to harness a strong women’s movement across the country. This is in support of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which was set up by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Odinga.

BBI called on Kenyans to submit proposals on strategies that could contribute to its purpose of tackling ethnic antagonism and competition, seeking solutions for lack of national ethos, inclusivity, devolution, safety and security, and corruption.

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As such, on Friday, May 30, 2019, a vigil will be held at the University of Nairobi grounds, from 5 pm. The purpose of the vigil is to remember the victims and their families, seek justice for the victims of femicide and homicide, call for an end to GBV and bring national focus on femicide and homicide in Kenya.

This will be preceded by a walk in the Central Business District (CBD) to call attention and seek the opinion of men on the matter.

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