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Joy Kendi shares her transformation over the past 14 years



Ever looked at your old photos and just wondered what you were doing or what made you think a certain outfit looked great.

But they bring so many memories either good or bad and you get to see the work of God.

Well, Joy Kendi, one of the most stylish celebrities in the 254, has a past just like everyone else. She too has photos that bring back memories and taking to social media, she shared her evolution over the past 14 years until now.

Now when one says wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu, please don’t argue because God works in mysterious ways.

Joy Kendi


If you look at Joy’s photos from way back, you’ll be super surprised by her gradual transformation.

You might have your own opinion about her photos, but doesn’t really care about what anyone has to say.

Joy Kendi

My full evolution over the past 14 years. Mehn how things have changed. Also posted some on my insta stories last night. And I don’t care what anyone says, shaving my head was the smartest thing I’ve ever done…. that and investing in better camera equipment and doing my eyebrows and building a skin routine that’s made my skin better now at 30 than it was at 16 and losing a bit of weight didnt hurt. I wasnt built for super round face lol. Point is, I’ve changed some things
P.s. in the 2nd photo, I was 16 years old. Not sure why I looked like a Mama Nani when I was 16, but what ever. Issa look.

Well, check out her transformation over the years;

Joy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy KendiJoy Kendi

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