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Kamene Goro Hits Back At Andrew Kibe For Criticizing Her (Screenshot) –



Andrew Kibe’s sentiments on various celebrities and how they should act is now haunting him after numerous savage comebacks. While in the States, Kibe has been going after celebrities through his social media and scolding them for various actions.

Most of his videos weren’t bugging anyone until recently; when he seemed to cross the line. To begin with, Kibe picked a ‘fight’ with Jalang’o over him supporting ‘Mtumba man’; who became an internet sensation for his creativity in cross-dressing while making his sales.

Kibe also went after Eric Omondi over cross dressing and termed him as having womanly behaviors.

In a bitter war of words, both Jalang’o and Eric Omondi left no stone unturned about Kibe as they hit back at him for his endless criticisms.

However, Kibe did not stop after learning he has also been scolded over his views. In his most recent video, he states that Kenya’s influential celebrities should take fault for keeping quiet over suffering of netizens.

” These guys, Eric Omondi, said nothing. Jalas said nothing, Kamene Goro, nothing. Betty Kyallo, nothing. None of this motherf*s have opened their mouth to say that wakenya wananyanyaswa… Everybody is quiet.

In a frenzy of rage, Kamene Goro replied to Andrew Kibe as she commented on the video saying;

Me??? Surely?? Seems you stopped listening to radio since you left? Bro, keep current, don’t draw me into these rants of yours, respectfully. I am always on the front line.”

And from the numerous comments, a good number of Kibe’s fans believe that the origin of his sentiments are not obscure while addressing these celebrities.

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