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Kenya security forces praised for the swift response to Nairobi Terror attack



By Sospeter O, Kamasasa E and Caroline Gikunda

From the loud bang to security arrival at the terrorist attack at DustinD2 in Nairobi was 8 minutes… US average is 7 minutes which tells you Kenyan response to the terror attack was swift and “decisive”.

Kenyan security agencies have gotten better at detecting and thwarting terror attacks. Around 2015, these were normal occurrences. I have no doubt that the post event analysis for this attack will help us further turn the corner. Yes we must minimize the casualties, and thwart simultaneous attacks for immediate safety, but ultimately, the most important thing is always the lessons to prevent the next Dustin from happening.

Of the war on terrorism, Kenya tumetoka mbali…flashback!!!

Ole Lenku’s statements during Westgate attack:
“All the attackers have been gunned down and ran away.” …..”The huge smoke is because the attackers are burning mattress”

Former IG Kimaiyo statements:
“The terrorists are under SIEKE”

Another clueless man was Ndegwa Muhoro. The man who had an attitude with the media. Poor in media addressing and sounding so ignorant. Today, KINOTI led the operation. Very proud of KINOTI.

Check todays’ AP commandos…compare with the times of Ole Lenku…a huge difference.

So proud of Kenyans today.
In our past terror experiences, the media and the public played us down. They glorified the evil acts by displaying blood and deaths and desperation and making the country stand still.
The perpetrators must have felt like heroes.
Those behind the atrocious act today must be lame with shame and irrelevance.
No display of gory pictures, no blood stained screens, no standing still to suck in the effect of terror…
We are here…
Stronger, in solidarity…. And life is still happening.
Terror isn’t stopping us.
Thank you..

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