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Khaligraph responds after video of him singing explicit lyrics to Betty Kyallo goes viral



Khaligraph Jones has really been in the headlines for days now. And once more, it looks like he has offended people.

He took to social media to post a video of himself singing his song ‘Stick’ to Betty Kyallo. So what exactly is wrong with that, you might ask?

In the video, that he has since deleted, one can see Betty blushing as Khaligraph sang the lyrics to the song.

Read some of the lyrics from the song;

“Nakuja kukupiga miti, I know you are yearning for this, ju sa ishapita ka wiki. Usijali mambo itakuwa fiti.
Nakuja Kukupiga stick, Nakuja Kukupiga miti, iyo siku usidunge hata Pant** JUU nakuja na njaa Ya fisi.”

The song is basically talking about pleasuring a woman and what happens behind closed doors when adults meet.

Well, in as much as many people feel like it was inappropriate, Khaligraph is not bothered even a single bit.

Taking to social media, he told anyone who has a problem with that video, he or she might as well report the matter to the police.

“Stick Ni ile ile ???-???? wenye shida endeni mureport kwa polisi museme Khaligraph anawapeleka mbio hamjawai ona, haters tukutane Comment section

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Read some of the comments;

dannydaniels196: Betty well respected lady but untuangusha sasa…Mara utapingwa miti

kelvohn: You failed me this time round @bettymuteikyallo

steve_letoo: Reeeeaaaaly!!!!!! This is a total demeanor to the ladies and our mothers!!!!!

massawejapanni: How do I even back announce this song on-air???? Support Kenyan music activists leteni opinions na mawe.. @bettymuteikyallo what’s there to dance to?

ephymaina: Yet some are complaining media station do not play local music. Content????? Any sober radio/tv

governorrivera: Naona kutoka kwa punch lines za kupiga miti na kugusa mat#t# now you are Trippin’