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KNH yet to treat Jowie over unpaid prison’s bills, gets fresh orders



The court has directed that murder suspect Joseph Irungu be treated at the Kenyatta National Hospital in line with its earlier ruling.

Jowie, who faces murder charges alongside his fiancé Jacque Maribe, was taken to KNH on November 13 but was denied admission for an operation on his left shoulder.

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The hospital said the prisons department owes the facility money in pending bills.

It declined to admit him even after Jowie’s family offered to pay Sh20,000 for his admission.

His lawyers told the court that their client has never received medical attention since then other than painkillers.

On Tuesday, the court said the suspect should be admitted at KNH, regardless of the pending bills and directed that the family foots the bill.

The court had said it was willing to order him to be treated at a different facility, but the family said it cannot afford the costs at any other hospital.

Meanwhile, the court is yet to rule on Jowie’s application seeking to be transferred to a different remand facility on grounds that he was being mistreated and tortured at Kamiti prison.

The Prosecutor in the case Catherine Mwaniki said she will investigate the torture claims.

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