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Luo foreskin eater Moses Kuria taught political lesson, walking in diapers for fear of Diarrhea



By Gab O

I’m seeing people commenting on the President’s Facebook page daring him to go to the Central Highlands to repeat the same loose talk he said in Mombasa yesterday.

First of all you’re the one who’s bluffing. Because if the president was to pick up on your dare and come to Kamahuha and told you to go sit on a pin, you will do him nothing. Imagine you will do him nothing.

When Jomo was summoned by Mau Mau fighters immediately after independence to a public rally in Nyeri, they told him to go there only if he was going to return the land the British colonialists had grabbed from them. Jomo went to Nyeri, found a packed stadium, rose up to speak, and told them, in their face, to go hug a cactus shrub because no one was going to be given land on a free, and they could go die for all he cared.

No one dared pick a rusty gun and aim it at the podium. None of those fighters even raised a finger at the president. These are people who had been slaughtering homeguards for sport but couldn’t get the courage to shout back at the president for telling them off. They went back home with their tails coiled between their legs. You threaten the president and you can as well sign your death warrant.

Leave that one.

After the government had assassinated Dr. Robert Ouko Taya, the Luo community around Muhoroni issued a decree to any government official not to step in the Muhoroni sugarbelt on the day of Ouko’s burial. They had killed our son and we were going to lynch anything working for the government who dared come close to his final resting place.

That’s the day you knew that the government had the monopoly of violence. You don’t threaten government with violence and go back home without your door being knocked and being asked to repeat the same things you said at a sugar plantation the previous day.

There’s no military barrack in Nyanza but if anyone thought they were going to have a field day stoning government officials coming to the burial, they thought wrong. That’s the day the full force of government was felt in Muhoroni. There were more armed GSU personnel in Muhoroni than there were sugarcane stalks. Every sugarcane farm had a platoon of GSU chaps combing it up and down, they even had a standby rapid response team stationed at Fort Ternan, full with a Grade 2 armory. Ask anyone who went to Robert Ouko’s burial to tell you how it went down.

So don’t try those things you’re writing on Facebook in real life. Because if Uhuru calls your bluff and comes to your village to say the same things he said in Mombasa jana, you will find yourself nodding your head in agreement even if it was an insult. So don’t overrate yourself.

Because you will do him nothing.

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