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Mukolwe had me charged to take my position – Swazuri



National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri has claimed his deputy Abigael Mukolwe facilitated his prosecution over the SGR in a bid to occupy his position.

In an affidavit filed in court, Swazuri says Mukolwe and the commission’s legal adviser Brian Ikol conspired to have him charged.

“It is an unfortunate state of affairs that Mukolwe in pursuit of naked ambition sowed seeds of discord within the NLC and facilitated my prosecution while sheltering her own irregular and illegal action from scrutiny by using her contacts within the anti-graft agency,” he says.

Swazuri says Mukolwe has sustained “a cold and calculated war of attrition” against his office.

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He says once he was charged, Mukolwe declared herself as chairperson of the commission and assumed office on August 15.

Swazuri also says the NLC acting CEO had prepared a draft letter setting out terms for his re-entry back to office but Mukolwe prevailed upon and threatened the acting CEO not to sign the document.

He has confirmed that the subject properties LR Nos 9084-9088 do not and have never belonged to the Kenya Railways Corporation, despite valiant attempts by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and NLC commissioners at manipulating evidence to support the erroneous notion.

Swazuri says there are no genuine records that have ever been shown to him on the subject properties supporting the claim that the properties were ever allocated to KRC. 

He says documents by the EACC have been conveniently manufactured to support a false narrative.

But Mukolwe has insisted that the compensation for SGR land in Embakasi were illegal and it was made to property owners whose title deeds had been revoked.

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