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‘My goodness, why was I even crying?’ Betty Kyallo says on leaving ktn



In the past few weeks, Betty Kyallo has caused an uproar over her new TV show that airs every Friday on K24.

The most recent incident that got tongues wagging was her debut on Khaligraph Jones’ viral video. In it, the Mazishi rapper was propositioning her and she was blushing and dancing to his salacious tunes.

Kenyan on the interweb were split on what to think about the video. Some were impressed with Khali’s lyrical prowess, while others were more Conservative.

Some fans asked Betty, “Are you two allowed to date? We are waiting.”

Her response?

”Naaaaaah, we too gangsta.” she replied. 

Defending the clip and her cameo in it, Betty told her fans.

”So imperfect but so real. Comfortable in my skin and I would still choose being me over and over again. I’m sorry if you want me to be anything else; you try it. ☺️☺️☺️ I’m good, I’m Nice weekend.” she wrote.

Anyhow, Betty has spoken about making the big move from KTN to K24 and how that process weighed down on  her.

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In a candid interview with Parents magazine, Betty said, “I felt I has accomplished what I was meant to at KTN. I had built a career and a name for myself. I had started a show format that was new in the Kenyan media scene when I ventured into the world of interactive news.”


“I had my own fears as well. I wondered whether I was making the right decision. Everyone around me questioned the move but I had really thought about what different thing I would bring to K24.

She revealed the fears she had.

“I also had jitters saying goodbye to a team I had worked with for ages. The same way a bride would feel about leaving the home she’s known for many years.”

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Betty continued:

“It has honestly been fantastic! When I got there. I thought ‘My goodness, why was I even crying? Look at all these wonderful people that I’m meeting!”

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