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‘My problem started about five years ago’ Ugandan Singer Jackie Chandiru on drug addiction



Jackie Chandiru, one of the most celebrated Ugandan singers, and a former member of Blue 3, has finally opened up about her drug addiction.

Photos went viral of Jackie looking quite different as it was reported that she had been abusing drugs.

Jackie has finally spoken up about the whole drug addiction issue, stating that she abused painkillers without a prescription.

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Well, in an interview with KFM, Jackie revealed that her problem started about five years ago and this all started when she had back pains and the doctor prescribed Pethidine.

“My disorder started about five years ago. At that time, I had a back pain. The doctor noticed how much pain I was in and prescribed Pethidine. Pain goes away in about 30 second. I got addicted to it and started getting it without prescription,” she revealed.

Pethidine, also known as meperidine and sold under the brand name Demerol among others, is a synthetic opioid pain medication of the phenylpiperidine class. It is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.

Well, Jackie is set to make a major comeback now that she has completed her rehab sessions.

She has however made it clear that she is ready to take her crown back

“The best female artiste at the moment is undoubtedly Sheebah. She has worked hard and I respect her so much but I am back for my crown. I am the best here and I need my rightful position back.”

Well, may the best woman win on this one.

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