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Following unmasking of a major scandal at the Nyeri county government, irked area residents have appealed to government agencies to immediately commence full scale investigations on how Sh754,000 was deposited to personal accounts of two staff members one from the office of the deputy governor and another one communications department to pay ghost participants at inter counties sport event held in Kericho in August this year.
Impeccable sources reveal that various departments at the Nyeri county government were represented at the sports event but the office of the governor cancelled names of six persons from the office of the deputy governor Wanjiru Karugu who were listed as participants at the event. The last minute cancellation of the names was not explained.

Governor Mutahi Kahiga

The six staff members from the office of the deputy governor were allocated the money for their food, accommodation and allowances. According to the reliable inside sources the money was deposited in the personal account of the driver of the deputy governor at Kenya Commercial Bank on August 12 2019. But soon thereafter the driver received an urgent phone call from a senior staff in the governor’s office not to withdraw the money and he should wait for further instructions. Again on August 19 2019 the same senior staff called the deputy governor’s driver who was given further instructions by the same senior staff at the governor’s office to withdraw the same amount of money and deposit it at county government’s revenue account with a local branch bank account.


Deputy governor Wanjiru

Similarly, according to the same unimpeachable sources, Sh416,000 county government’s money was deposited in the account of one staff member in the communications department and was to be withdrawn and be given out as per diem to fellow members of the staff in that department.
Further, our sources aver that even upto date and for a long time, Governor Mutahi Kihika and his deputy Wanjiru Karugu are not reading from the same script over numerous outstanding issues that have not been resolved.
It has since emerged that among other issues, instructions have been given from the office of the gubernatorial boss to deny the personal assistant to the deputy governor, a county government official vehicle when he is on official duties and on several occasions, he has been using public means to attend to official duties, which out not to be the case

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