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Parents want two high school teachers probed – Weekly Citizen




Parents of Ingotse Boys’ High School in Navakholo, Kakamega have appealed to the ministry of Education to investigate the deputy principal Wycliffe Nandwa and another teacher for allegedly being immersed in scandalous deals.

They alleged that Nandwa and a Mr Jundiko have been using their sons to con them thousands of shillings without the knowledge of the principal.

The parents revealed that Nandwa has been trumping mistakes on their sons such as sneaking from the school through the fence and ends up instructing parents to send money to his phone.

Prof. Magoha

Speaking on condition of anonymity, another source said parents are told to send money to the deputy principal’s cellphone claiming that it will be used to buy iron sheets in order to repair part of the school fence.

About six students who had gone to the dormitory in the morning at 6am after preps and were implicated by the deputy principal for having allegedly sneaked in, compelling their parents to buy 10 iron sheets each.

However, one of the parents whose son was implicated by the deputy reported the matter to the ministry of Education headquarters making officers from Kakamega education office to visit the school.

Inner sources said that before education officers had gone to the school, the students had been suspended for one week following the planned sneaking in issue. Sensing that the matter had been reported at Education ministry headquarters, the deputy principal is alleged to have recalled back the students to safeguard his job.


Weekly Citizen has established that education officers visited the school and told some students to write down their grievances at random and one of the students who had been suspended blew up the issue.

Reliable sources said that Nandwa powers have been trimmed to size forcing him to retreat and to avoid harassing students the way he would do. However, other sources alleged that the DP pocketed the money instead of buying the assumed iron sheets without the knowledge of the principal.

Investigation carried out by Weekly Citizen further revealed that Jundiko fleeces parents by selling them cheap blue mattresses at Sh2,000 to Form One students.

A shocking incident is when Jundiko told a Form Three student to buy 20 pairs of school toughees when he was found wearing shoes of another student claiming that he had stolen them.

The affected student had threatened to commit suicide, something that made education officials to visit the school to establish the truth of the matter.

After being told the genesis of the matter, the officers realised that even the principal was not aware about the scandals and how his deputy has been harassing innocent students for no apparent reason.

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