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Sack DEE from Milele fm, she is difficult to work with, too personal Jalango tells His boss Alex Mwakideu



Comedian and Radio personality Mzee Jalang’o has sent an urgent message to his Milele FM boss and co-host Alex Mwakideu, after a video of presenters Kaka Zema and Dee fighting went viral.

In a message he shared on Instagram, the funny man asked the Milele FM Head of Radio to fire Dee claiming that she was a hard person to work with, despite being a good presenter.

He went on to say that a few weeks ago, when Dee co-hosted their morning show with him, she almost fought with him too because she cannot be controlled.

“Boss @alex_mwakideu I have always said you can’t work with an independent woman! @presenter001 Is a woman who has money and always think that no man can talk to her! Let her go boss! Pls…this woman cannot be controlled! We almost fought while you were away! She is the best swahili woman presenter but her ego! Sawa tu! Pole @kaka_zema,” wrote Jalang’o.

Before Jalang’o’s message, Mwakideu had said that people had tried to reach out to him to know what really had happened between the two co-hosts.

Alex Mwakideu promised to give a way forward and more details on what happened between Kaka Zema and Dee, as soon as Monday.

“Okay guys, I’ve woken up to many missed calls from my blogger buddies @ghaflakenya @mpashogram @sdekenya etc. I honestly left jobo mapema sana Jana and I DONT KNOW what happened here!!! I will be back on Monday and I will find out and give you all feedback. In the meantime All I know watu hukosana!!! Its life…. Let’s just wait for Monday….#UkipendaPendaMilele @milelefm,” wrote the Milele FM boss.

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