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Show of defiance as Ruto attends Church in Naivasha with over 30 MPs from Mt Kenya region and Nakuru



Show of political might as more than 30 MPs drawn from Nakuru County and Mt Kenya region accompany Deputy President Ruto to a church function – Joy Celebrations Church in Naivasha,

Also present were governors Lee Kinyanjui and Ferdinard Waititu.

Ruto denied that there is leadership crisis in Jubilee as alleged in some quarters. He accused the media and a group of propagandists for peddling lies over the party adding that any discontented member was free to leave.

“We don’t have room for those peddling rumors and propaganda and they are free to leave Jubilee for other parties,” he said on Sunday.

Jerome Ogola adds:

That Dr William, Kilimendi’s friend and Uhuru are like two trains on the same rail, speeding from different directions to the same point, headed for a collision, is not news

It is now a matter of when and not if. Kenyans already have their mouths wide open, covered by their hands, awaiting the grand collision

That’s not in doubt. Maybe we can explore the repercussions of the impact. The shockwaves of this crash will reverberate far and wide

In fact the pre clash shockwaves have been detected far and wide, as far as in richter, in political Siberia. Politicians rejected at the ballot have found a new lease of life

They are trooping in droves, from political dustbins to press conferences to throw a cordon around the president. Their eyes still red from the anger of humiliation at the ballot, they scare those who scare Uhuru, and they do it loud enough, so as to attract his (Uhuru’s) attention

The truth is that they need Uhuru more than Uhuru needs them

That way,he can get them some parastatal chairmanship to keep them busy and save them from the cold of a political wilderness

They look weather beaten, battered and tattered. Indeed power is good. The government should start a rehabilitation center for us, political losers. We really need help

Separately Martha Karua, has learnt the hard away, that power is as temporary as an erection. She took off with our bread in 2007 and when we cried she mocked us and told us off

Apparently, before she could get a shade to sit down and enjoy the bread, someone else emerged from the bushes and snatched the boflo from her

She remained with an empty polythene package in her hands. She has been running to every court in town, pleading that she be helped find her bread but each time the magistrate/judge has denied her the bread, claiming it isn’t hers

Poor Martha has now been left with no option but to swallow her pride become Uhuru’s “mtu wa mkono” and defend him from a marauding rabid dog called Kuria

This however, isn’t the first time that Martha has been robbed. While serving as justice minister, she was carjacked at midnight, while on her way to Fr Wamugunda’s place, to collect a six inch document

It is very true that Wanyonyi works in mysterious ways

She indicated she will be contesting presidency and on this I agree with her. Winning presidency is much easier because the leading contender has so many self inflicted injuries to win anything

Again back in Kirinyaga,no one can beat a seasoned klepto who has stolen money in tonnes and is capable of paying listening allowances to crowds, an important prerequisite for winning any elections

If you can’t beat her, you run away!

Great afternoon my fellow Southerners!!

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