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Faithful of the Anglican Church in Mbeere South who are pushing for a split from the ACK Diocese of Mbeere are baying for the blood of Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit after he told them to follow the right procedure as contained in the church constitution.
Archbishop Sapit, addressing the faithful at ACK Cathedral Mbeere Diocese in Siakago. dismissed the reasons given for the split claiming they do not meet the threshold for the split of Mbeere diocese.
According to Sapit, consideration of financial stability of a diocese is crucial in determining whether it is ready for a split and as things stand, Mbeere diocese is struggling to finish the ongoing cathedral.
However, the archbishop advised them if they still want to pursue the matter for redress, they should do so through following the right process.

Ole Sapit



As the procedure stands, they should first write their proposal for the split of the diocese to the Mbeere Diocese synod which will then deliberate on the matter and if they vote for the idea, it will then be brought to house of bishops in Nairobi which will deliberate on it further.
Once the house of bishops approves the proposal, they would then write their recommendations to standing committee of the provincial synod, which would then write to commission for creation of the new dioceses and setting boundaries, which will come to the ground to assess viability of a new diocese.
The archbishop however, noted those agitating for new diocese did not follow these steps but wrote to him directly for a new diocese.
He said the reason for his visit was to meet the faithful and address the matter and guide on the right process of agitating for a new diocese.
A section of Mbeere South ACK faithful have been protesting and agitating for the split of the diocese claiming they have been sidelined in service and development by the Diocesan Bishop Moses Masamba who hails from Mbeere North.
Mbeere diocese was created 21 years ago from the diocese of Embu which is led by David Ireri. The splinter group now wants to follow the right mechanism to avoid any doubts

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