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Stylish Pastor Burale’s ex wife mourns the death of her sister



Pastor Burale’s ex wife, Rozinah Mwakideu is in mourning after losing her loving sister, Emily Mwakideu.

Taking to social media, she wrote a long post, celebrating her sister for the woman she was. She described Emily as a woman who had a generous heart, her strength and her passion for life.

Read below Rozinah’s touching message to the late Emily Mwakideu;

And Now You Sing With The Angels. My Gem Of A Sister, Emmy Msae Mwakideu.

You Were Truly The Best Sister Anyone Could Have Ever Asked For. Your Spirit Always Shining So Bright Anywhere You Went. You Always Believed. In Good, In GOD.
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same.Your Strength, Your Generous Heart, You Never Knew How To Hold Back A Helping Hand. Your Compassion For Others And Your Passion For Life Still Amazes Me.
Your Energy, Your Cheeky Playfulness.Your Hearty Laughter,.Always.
Also,Anytime, (And It Was Everytime)You Asked Your All Time Favourite Question: “So Tell Me What’s Going On In Your Life, And Don’t Lie Rozinah,Nakujua We Msiri Sana” You Would Laugh,Your Mischievous Tone And Our Girly Talks..Always Asking If Im Dating,Who Im Dating,And So On.And Your Wise Council After The Questions. 
I Was Always Your Little Sister And You Made Sure I Never Forgot. You Spoilt Me. So Much. Too Much, Almost My Entire Wardrobe Reminds Me Of You, Each Item, With Its Own Memories Of You.

“But Even More Importantly,Your Encouragement,With Each Song I Sang, Your Kind Words. And Now We Will Never Get To Sing That One Song Together.Not In This Lifetime Anyway,But Singing Together We Shall,When We Reunite.For I Know We Will. 
I Have Been Blessed To Have Been Your Sister,To Have Known You.To Have Experienced Your Love.To Have Loved You.To Have Prayed With You,Fellowshipped With You.Do Life With You.”

In The Meantime,I Will Listen To The Songs You Have Sang.
And In The Meantime,I Will Sing. Because You Believed In Me.
In The Meantime,I Will Look At Our Chat Conversations Over And Over.
In The Meantime,I will Look For You In Everything, Everywhere.
In The Meantime,I Cry, Even Though You Said We Shouldn’t,.
In The Meantime,I Will Mourn.Because It Is Time To Endure The”Night” 
In The Meantime,I Will Remember Details, Every Memory We Made.Every Hug.
In The Meantime,I Miss You,Desperately.
Also,In The Meantime,The Only Comfort Is Knowing You Knew The Lord,And You Were Ready And At Peace. 
You Fought.For Yourself.You Fought. For Those You Love
You Fought For Those Who Love You.
You Fought.AGood Fight.You Fought.And You Have Won.
For In Christ “To Die Is Gain’
Thank You.For You.

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