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The song that solidified Harmonize’s superstar status



Usually, artistes release hit songs and struggle to replicate the formula that helped them achieve their previous heights of success.

That is why entertainment is littered with one hit wonders and guys who are only good on collabos.

I was worried that this would become Harmonize’s legacy but he has rubbished my more pessimistic forecasts of his future in spectacular fashion.

You see, Harmonize has featured in some of the biggest songs WCB released that went on to conquer the hearts and minds of East Africa.


Often the decisions facing artistes is whether or not to continue making similar sounding music – after all, most fans are vacuous and wouldnae mind vapid music.

But Harmonize has decided against this route and has come out with a musical offering I like in spite of understanding very little of what he says.

In the song Never Give Up, Harmonize pays homage to his background and the struggles he faces. He gives the jam a personal touch by shouting out individuals from his past who helped him ascend to the stratosphere of entertainment.

And the message is something we can all use – I know I most certainly can at the moment.

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