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The worst things your neighbors does after washing clothes




From noisy neighbors to KOT are sharing their worst experience after washing clothes.

There is nothing more annoying than having someone on the upper floor hanging their clothes way after yours have dried, and messing everything up.

Read some of the experiences by Kenyans when it comes to washing clothes;

Mutola ??..
Kuna wale huanika duvet iko na maji 50 litres

kambafinest 001..
io haina shida kutana na wale huanika jeans znamwaga rangi uko 8th floor ina colour 7 floors

bryan majeni..
hii chronicle ni ngumu unaanika nguo yako first floor inamwangikiwa na maji za nguo za third na fourth floor, ukianua inanuka matumbo

Amazing Kisii ??..
Upstairs neighbours wenye huanika nguo,zetu zikikaribia kukauka…????
Your are witches ?? mmetuzoea sana ?

The top 9 most annoying things neighbors do:

1.Reporting another neighbor to the landlord

2. Snooping on your activities in your house

3. Gosspiing about everyone in the plot

4. The party animal who has no regard for others

5. The couple who always fight about the smallest things

6. The one who always borrows salt claiming they forgot to buy

7. The thief who always steals vests, socks etc

8. The neighbors who love to have loud s3x

9. The neighbor who walks around half dressed. Mostly this is men in ugly shorts.

Whats is your worst neighbor experience? Share your comments below;


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