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These are the only VIP allowed to overlap and break traffic rules



Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai has come out to address the issue of public leaders overlapping on roads saying few leaders will be entitled to special clearance on roads and highways during traffic snarl-ups.

Mutyambai, said the first category of VIPs liable for such kind of treatment include the President, Deputy President, as well as the First Lady, Cabinet Secretaries for Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs as well as the Interior Principal Secretary for interior.

Category two include Chief of Defence Forces, the Service Commanders of Defence Forces, Inspector General National Police Service, Deputy Inspector General-Kenya Police Service and Administration Police Service.

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While category three include the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Senate and Majority leader of the National Assembly.

Category four include Retired Presidents and Retired Prime Minister while category five include Ambulances and Fire Brigade.

Mutyambai said any other vehicles will require authority by officers in charge of traffic in respective regions on special cases.

Check out the directive below.
VIP Traffic

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