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This is how your favourite celebrities looked 10 years ago



If you are active on social media, you must have come across the latest challenge in town, #10yearChallenge, that has left everyone talking.

Most of our celebrities look amazing either on social media or in real life. But do not be deceived by what appears before you.

We all have throwback photos that we look at and wonder, ‘What in God’s was I thinking?’

Well, with this challenge, guys have shared their photos of how they looked 10 years ago, and I must say, change is something we all need to embrace.

Check them out below with a message behind the photos;

Chito Ndhlovu

“#10YearChallenge #2008Vs2018 maaaan isn’t God good. We serve a mighty God!”


Lillian Muli

10 years is a very long time I Thank God for his grace #10yearchallenge what I can say for sure is I looked way happier then…but then again atleast now filter is my friend ? wueh mastyro za nywele nazo?”

Victoria Kimani

“#10yearChallenge … 2009 … here I am with my bestie @adamusic1 … (we are still A1 since Day 1 even after 10++ years) .. (are you still down/loyal challenge should be next … for real ones only) … In this pic we were in LA at a Halloween party ( I went as My Mom in the 80’s… Full Afro with all the sauce … adopted that LA style Dripped in African accessories ) and a baby tied to her back (which was my oldest brother… ( Bamboo, who is getting married Next month… THANK GOD! ) I always loved telling stories with my costumes … we met another long term real friend at this Halloween party … @cheroleitich we still Gucci sistah… 10 years later!
Fwd to Jan 2019 … in China…. roaming the streets…. knowing the locals would get a kick out of my Afro wig… LOL! some things Never Change!!”

Julie Gichuru

1999. 2019. ?❤#GlowUp #Becoming ?”

Janet Mbugua

2006, just a girl in uni, versus 2019…not quite 10 years but hey! And I still remember her like it was yesterday! #10YearChallenge.”

Nick Mutuma

2008 was a good year! Also, I was Team Long hair don’t care ? Bald is better though ama?? #10yearchallenge.”

Eddie Ndichu

? #10yearschallenge 2008 – 2018 ? A lot can change in 10 years!!!”

Brenda Wairimu

Hi please!!!#10yearchallenge. This may not be 10yrs ago, maybe 7 or 8? But I made the collage already…so the caption will have to stay ???”

Victoria Rubadiri

Why not ??‍♀️ #10yearchallenge. One girl was sporting her real hair??‍♀️. Guess who???”

Kalekye Mumo

“#10yearchallenge yep 2009 vs 2019”

Abel Mutua

10 years apart. 2019 and 2009. In the first one shida Zilikuwa nyingi. In the second one shida zilikuwa nyingi zaidi. #10yearchallenge”

Tedd Josiah

“I still like leather 15 years on……”

Oliver Mathenge

“Then and now #10yearschallenge”

Over 25

“We thank God.? #10yearchallenge.”

MC Jessy

#100YearsChallenge.? Old habits die hard”

Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi

Nancie Mwai

“I got so nostalgic seeing peoples #10yearchallenge and I started looking at my old photos these photos were from 2009-2010 when I started my blog when I was in Uni. Swipe and see the growth yall! It was just a hobby then and I had no idea that 10 years later I’d be doing exactly what I enjoyed doing! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS!!! My Make up technique improved, style has evolved, I lost my smile, camera quality has improved, got curvy, we have filters and I thank God I DID NOT GIVE UP! Please don’t give up on yourself either.”

Joe Mfalme

Brian Babu

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