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Timmy Tdat is slowly bouncing back after committing career suicide



If you are keen, you must have noticed that Kenyan musician Timothy Owuor, popularly known as Timmy Tdat, has gotten his mojo back. He’s slowly bouncing back after committing career suicide.

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The Welle Welle hitmaker was at the peak of his music career when he landed a radio gig in March last year. He had been handpicked to host a drive show on NRG Radio alongside Mwalimu Rachael. Perhaps he took up the job because he was getting a fat pay cheque, who knows?

Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachael

Coincidentally, Timmy also broke ranks with Kaka Empire, the stable that he had been signed to for 5 years (or so), around the same time.

As fate would have it, his music career started suffering almost immediately. Although he kept releasing new songs, they were just flat. Okay, I’ll just say it as it is, the songs were boring. His punchlines were weak and not as witty as was the case in his older songs.

People who had come to admire him for his lyrical prowess, including yours truly, thought that was the end for him. He lost so many fans and it seemed like his career was over. He had hit a dead end!

Toward the end of last year, peharps after noticing that his music career had taken a nosedive, Timmy decided to call it quits at NRG Radio. His explanation was that he had to focus on his music. That’s it.

He got into studio and at the beginning of the year, he released a new song dubbed Atekwe alongside Redsan. Although the song didn’t do well, it was clear Timmy was keen on winning back his fans.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

He went quiet for two months, perhaps to restrategize, and reappeared in April with a new song dubbed Kipopo that he had done alongside Tanzania’s Rosa Ree. Three weeks later, Rosa Ree dropped the remix of her hit Asante Baba featuring Timmy.

Both songs have been getting massive airplay on local radio stations. If you listen to either of them, you’ll admit that Timmy has gotten his mojo back. This is the Timmy that we all came to love and admire.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. I also hope that he’s not thinking of going back to radio. Clearly, that was a big mistake.

Listen to Asante Baba (Remix) below.

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