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Uhuru Kenyatta Slams MPs Over Pay Hike Demands, Vows to Quash Bill



President Uhuru Kenyatta has sided with the common mwananchi and promised to revoke the controversial Parliamentary Service Bill, 2018 which proposes more financial and material benefits for MPs.

Speaking at a rally in Ndenderu, Kiambu County, the President also slammed legislators telling them to shelve their greed for the good of Kenyans. He said Kenyans are tired and that he does not care if his decision not to assent to the bill costs him the goodwill of the MPs.

“Na mimi nitasema, najua wengine watakasirika na mimi, kuna mambo ingine watu wanajaribu kupitisha huko Bunge. Na mimi vile nimeskia wananchi wakisema, wanasema wamechoka na viongozi kujiongeza mishahara. Na mimi nasema, mimi naungana na wananchi, na marehe, nie no nga miguithia,” he said.

(I have to say this … and I know many people will get angry with me but there are things some people are trying to pass in Parliament. And I’ve heard from Kenyans that they are tired of leaders increasing their own salaries. I want to declare that I’m siding with the mwanachi on this issue and I will reject the Bill)

He further noted that every leader has a responsibility to improve the welfare of citizens.

“As leaders, we should not be more concerned about how to bring more wealth to ourselves, but should instead prioritize the needs of our people,” said President Kenyatta.

“Every leader has a responsibility to uplift the lives of the millions of Kenyans who look up to us as their leaders & representatives.”

President Kenyatta also used the opportunity to urge politicians to stop engaging in politics and focus on delivering their pre-election promises to the people of Kenya.

“Our people are yearning for more development that benefits them directly, solutions that will help them progress,” added Kenyatta.

“We must stop politicking every day and come together as leaders to build our nation & to ensure we deliver to our people that which we promised them when they elected us.”

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