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‘We sold women’s’ body parts for 80K,’ former robber narrates



A Kenyan man has narrated how  a friend of his reached out to him and suggested a new venture which involved selling women’s b**bs.

So lucrative was the venture that he would easily rake in almost 100K in one go.

*Peter* – name has been changed – narrated his experience.

We were called somewhere in Town and up to day I can’t remember the place because they gave us a drink. It made us drunk.

We were cut a little and given some blood to drink and just like that we were given the contract to sell b**bs.


We used to go to Eastleigh to buy a drugs called flexture which used to make women drowsy.

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Peter and his friend go on to narrate how they carried out their inhumane mission

We would cut off their boobs, and the rule was to never cut the left one since one might die. The money made depended on how big the b**bs were, the prices ranged between Ksh 25,000 to 80,000. When the news started spreading we relocated and started visiting accident scenes.

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By bad luck the undertaker who was supplying them with the body parts was arrested and Peter had to shelf the business for fear of being found out.

We started giving orders in mortuaries. One day when we were to pick our package from Kenyatta mortuary the police emerged and the undertaker ended up being arrested.

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