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Why President Kibaki performed far much better than UhuRuto



Power of Standards:
Do you know why Kibaki performed superbly?

It was about Standards. Kibaki had a social circle that consisted only of guys from Mang’u, Alliance and Makerere.

They had no time for Riff Raff.
They only met at Muthaiga Golf Club and held interlectual discussions.

Truth be told, it is this group that delivered Kenya from the 24 year mess KANU put us in.

Standards matter. I know of many former Maseno School guys who only interact with fellow Schoolmates. Same to Alliance and Starehe.

There are Standards and ethics that such groups maintain. They strive not to let each other down. I remember how we used to be castigated in Maseno…”how can a Maseno Boy do that!” Was the first exclamation you got if you went off mark.

Such standards have helped societies like UK and US to maintain some level of stability and decorum in leadership. Most of the leaders in the US come from the Ivy League Schools.

Back to Kenya, I guess we need to reintroduce the Kibaki type of discrimination.

It is clear that Hustlers like Sonko cannot just measure up.
Not that I demean others, but we can all see how School dropouts like Raila, Sonko, Joho and Waititu can mess.

First School dropouts like Raila and Sonko have human relations skills that make them extremely popular. Second, they are insecure and move from one extreme to another. Even professors around them have to behave like thugs in order to survive in their system.
Such people usually destroy whatever is put in their hands due to insecurities. Visit Luo Nyanza and see the damage done to the once home of intellectuals.

If we fail to develop standards, a thug like Sonko can easily warm himself into the hearts of the masses and become President.

We should first ban all these Universities that dish out Degrees. We should insist on real paths to Education, not short cuts.

We should have some conditions such as membership to a club or society before being elected.
We should start something to restore sanity in Kenya.

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