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Willy M Tuva responds to trying to dish Msupa S, Oliech responds to getting dumped by ex



This has been a crazy week with so much going on in the entertainment scene and today on The Big Scoop with Adelle, Shaffie and Mpasho’s Uncle Chim, they took a look at some of the craziest stories of this week.

Msupa S made headlines a few days ago after a photo went viral of her kissing her manager.

She said that she didn’t post that photo and that her manager wants to tarnish her name.

A controversial post concerning Willy M Tuva was posted on her Instagram page. The caption read,

@mzaziwillymtuva please tosheka na wako min i’m taken. wacha kunisumbuwa

When we reached out to her, she said she’s not the one who wrote that.

“Unajua si mimi nimeandika hizo vitu I.G. It is just a guy who is very jealous of me and we didn’t even meet with Willy M Tuva. It has nothing to do with me.”

Willy M. Tuva made it clear that none of what was posted on social media is true.

First of all it is untrue. Na yeye mwenyewe ameeleza haja post hizo vitu.(After we gave him the backstory) But I will say, si vizuri watu kutumia majina ya watu kuharibia majina, ndio wapate umaarufu. wafanye muziki mzuri…

Moving on to more gist, Dennis Oliech’s ex, Paulah Mumia has called him out on numerous occasions.

It seems after he got the Gor Mahia deal he dropped Paulah and took up another bae. Now this seems to have heart Paulah as she took to social media to express her herself.

Here is the full story

‘Sijui kama ni mashetani zinamsumbua?’ Dennis Oliech’s ex, Paula Mumia speaks out

Listen to the full scoop below;