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‘You’re beautiful inside and out’ Mustafa praises his bae Noti Flow



Noti with Mustafa

Colonel Mustafa is never shy when it comes to showering his bae, Noti Flow, with love and affection.

The rapper knows how to use the love language to keep his woman happy. Taking to social media to celebrate his empress, he wrote

Wish you all the happiness, Queen. ?You’re beautiful inside and out. Go girl. its your birthday.
Happy birthday beb ❤??.

Noti Flow and Mustafa
The pair spending time together

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After reading the cute birthday message, Noti Flow responded by assuring her man that she loves him.

Aaaw ? thank you baby ? I love you

Mustafa, who claims to be well endowed – 6 inches endowed – seems to have a rather turbulent on-off relationship with Noti.

Noti Flow has in the past claimed she is still too young to settle down into a life of marriage and kids.

So serious was she about the issue, that she laid down some strict conditions and expectations. Noti said, if she was to agree to sire children with the star he needs to meet certain demands.

Noti Flow reveals conditions Mustafa must meet for her to have his baby

One of them was for Mustafa to put a ring on it as she does not want to bring forth children out of wedlock.

It defends when (sic) finances allow because babies are a lot of work.

Things are not all dark and gloomy. Noti revealed that despite the restrictions she has put for Mustafa, she still has love for him.

The one thing that endeared her to the artiste us that Mustafa knows how to treat a lady.

Adding that the Colonel was always there for her, picking up her calls at all hours of the night when she needed his love and attention.

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