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Youths storm Runda home and drive out Linturi’s wife



Youths stormed the palatial Runda home of former DP Ruto aide Maryanne Keitany and tried to evict her.

At first they were blocked, then they jumped over the gates and gained entry for almost five hours. Keitany and family members fled.

The former chief of staff of the DP is locked in a battle with her estranged husband Meru Senator Mithika Linturi over ownership of home.

Keitany has filed a complaint at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, claiming Linturi had threatened to kill her.

Yesterday, the close to 30 men suspected to have been hired, arrived at the Mae Ridge home in a bus in the afternoon.

Efforts by the hired youths to throw out household goods from the palatial home were unsuccessful after Keitany blocked the gates by parking a Toyota Prado at the front gate. This stopped entry or exit of vehicles.

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Security guards manning the home locked the gates. Police officers from Gigiri police station were called in as soon as the youths arrived. The youths, however, disabled the CCTV cameras at the home and gained entry by jumping over the gates.

Keitany and other family members fled from the house as the youths took charge for close to five hours.

The activities at the house attracted the attention of neighbours and workers who milled around the home.

Keitany has since obtained court orders stopping Linturi from accessing the home.

Milimani Commercial Court senior resident magistrate Isaac Orenge directed the senator not to set foot in the homestead unless accompanied by an enforcement officer to collect his personal belongings.

The court order dated October 25, also stops Linturi from physically or sexually abusing or threatening his wife, her staff and their six children or person associated with her.

The senator has also been warned not to damage or threaten to damage any property belonging to Keitany. The lawmaker has also been barred from “loitering” around the home. Only the court can allow Linturi to contact Keitany.

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